Mattress, differentiated areas: what are they for?

The human body is made wrong; it is as imperfect as humans by definition. We are not regular geometric figures, studied at a table. For this reason, when choosing a mattress it is always advisable to orientate yourself on a mattress in differentiated areas so that every part of our body has the support it deserves.

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Why does the mattress have differentiated areas?

As we have said before, every part of the body needs the correct support; for this reason a mattress that always has the same lift over its entire surface will be exclusively too soft or too rigid; making sure that the spine does not have the correct alignment, causing severe pain in the back and neck.

We repeat what we said in the introduction; the human body is not regular but has different areas: the head, shoulders, trunk, hips, and legs. Each of these needs proper support during sleep; since otherwise pressure points may be created which in turn will cause pain on waking.

To avoid this problem the best mattress manufacturers conceive their products with at least 7 differentiated areas; so that, whatever the position of rest and the build of the user, the mattress with differentiated areas gives the right support.

How are the zones differentiated?

The areas of a mattress are differentiated by lift, i.e. by the weight they can support. The capacity of a mattress in differentiated areas indicates how much of each of these areas yields in use. The lift can be low, medium or high, depending on the type of support that gives the body, or the area for which it is intended.

We anticipate that the concept of general lift of the mattress should not be confused with the bearing capacity of the differentiated areas or with the density. The differentiated areas are simply separated by various devices, creating areas with low lift and areas with a higher lift to adequately support every part of the body.

The mattresses with different capacity areas differ from the other mattresses because they can give a higher level of comfort and ergonomics. Preventing the areas of stress that will cause pain in the morning; as well as helping to solve and prevent back pains, especially to the cervical and lumbar vertebrae.