Spring mattresses: features and advantages:

The spring mattress is the most classic and traditional type of mattress and its main characteristic is a superior degree of ventilation and a comfortable and modular comfort for different capacities.

Ventilation is guaranteed by the shape of the spring itself: an empty metal structure that is therefore naturally aired. Perfect ventilation and the consequent humidity control are essential for a peaceful and regenerating sleep, and also guarantee longevity to the mattress.

Undoubtedly, even this type of traditional mattress has undergone numerous technological innovations over the years, but given the numerous alternatives on the market, it is important to understand what its characteristics are and if it is more appropriate to opt for other types.

So let’s see what the main features of a spring mattress are:

Mattresses with boxed springs and memory:

In this case, the action of the springs mainly concerns the bearing capacity of the mattress, while in the more superficial layer, in contact with the body, the action of these technologies is felt more.

The direct action of the springs is thus less rewarded, but the comfort and ergonomics achieved are unmatched.

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Independent Spring Springs Mattresses:

The pocket spring mattresses represent the technological evolution of the traditional spring mattress.

Each steel spring is individually enclosed in a fabric bag which increases its resistance to wear over time, silences it, protects it and insulates it.

Precisely because of the fact that these are springs independent of each other, these react independently to the stresses of the weight, thus adapting to the morphology of the body, depending on the areas subjected to greater pressure.

What is the optimal number of springs? It is not unusual to find mattresses with a very high number of springs on the market. Usually you will find, for example, mattresses of 700, 1700 and 3000 springs, depending on the desired lift. Furthermore, in some of our mattresses, there is a combination of springs and foam.